Oleic high sunflower oil


Sunflower oil is obtained by pressing (cold-pressed sunflower oil) or refining (refined sunflower oil) the peeled sunflower seeds (Helianthus annuus L.).

The sunflower is native to Mexico and the southern United States. and was introduced in Europe in the sixteenth century, by the Spanish Monardes. Currently, it is grown in temperate latitudes in Europe, America, China and India as one of the most important oil plants on the planet.

The seeds contain = 40% pale oil (refined) or dark yellow (cold pressed), fatty which, in turn, contains> 85% unsaturated fatty acids, of which 2/3 correspond to linoleic acid. Therefore, sunflower oil is one of the edible oils best considered in terms of the physiology of nutrients. In addition, sunflower oil is used in the margarine industry, the food industry (salad dressings, mayonnaise), also in the production of surface coatings, colors and soaps. The mixture of acids obtained from the saponification of sunflower fat is used in the production of lubricants.

Since both oils have similar spectra of fatty acids and tocopherols, evidence of the presence of sunflower oil in safflower oil can be demonstrated using the sterol pattern. The spectrum of tocopherol will show whether soybean oil and sunflower oil have been mixed or not.


Oleic high sunflower oil, refined

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