Medium chain triglycerides


The TCM is an abbreviation meaning ‘medium chain triglycerides’. TCM oil is a pure product of vegetable origin consisting of a mixture of triglycerides and saturated fatty acids, mainly caprylic and capric acids. The substance contains a minimum of 95% saturated fatty acids, with 8 or 10 carbon atoms.

TCM oil is a colorless or pale yellow, oily liquid, not soluble in water and is miscible in common solvents and oils. This special oil is used for specific purposes. It is added in small amounts to margarine. However, its main purpose is its use in medicine and in the pharmaceutical industry, where it is used for total parenteral nutrition and infusion via a TPN line. It is also used as an additive and as an excipient for pharmaceutical substances (Miglyol). In case of metabolic disorders in humans, TCM oil is used to reduce fat and cholesterol. In addition, TCM oil is often used in special mixtures (to feed babies).


Medium chain triglycerides

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